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Current Fever Curve and Nowcast for Germany

The curves in the figure below depict positive fever detections in the group of data donors and a corresponding nowcast of COVID-19 incidences as a function of time. The estimated number of positive detections is computed from the donated data and updated frequently. These results are part of the core purpose of the Corona Data Donation Project.

Fever detections and nowcast based on resting heart rate and daily step count

Weekly fever curve and nowcast for Germany. You can find more details on the estimation of the nowcast in one of our latest reports.

Our fever monitor as well as the nowcast- and monitoring-system are still in their early phase. For technical reasons we can therefore currently only provide most recent numbers with a lag of around one week. We are continuously improving our systems so that we can provide you with real-time updates in the near future.

Fever detections for Download

We would like to give you the opportunity to look at our numbers in detail and maybe include them in other charts. That’s why we offer our fever detections for downloading. We are currently revising our data structures and will soon also make the data available to you via the official data repository of the RKI.